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The Miniature American Shepherds or mini Aussie (in some cynological systems) are a breed of dog that arose from an ancient breed native to the Basque Country, Spain, not Australia as its name suggests, the name is more associated with the trip they made their masters to reach the United States, where the breed arose. The Miniature Australian Shepherd was only recently recognized as a breed in 2011, however many of the breed standards were recognized and documented by the ASCA in 1975. They were later registered as the Miniature American Shepherd breed with the AKC. In FCI how such they were recognized in September 2019. 


This is a small-sized shepherd dog that is longer than it is tall, its body is massive and strong, it is very agile and highly adaptable to various terrains, combined with its great energy it becomes a great athlete that is extremely intelligent and is willing to please the people he appreciates. 

A characteristic of the temperament of these dogs is their playful, active and very friendly spirit. This is true both with humans and with other dogs, which is why in dog parks they can have a lot of fun playing and interacting with different animals.


When it comes to coexistence at home, they are not selective, they integrate well into homes with dogs of different kinds and, being very non-aggressive and highly sociable, they can quickly form positive bonds, as long as the resident dogs are receptive and tolerant of your energy level.

The Miniature American Shepherd is incredibly versatile, happy to adapt to whatever lifestyle you live. He is equally at home today, whether herding goats, sheep, or cows on a ranch or farm; hanging out in the backyard with the family in the suburbs; or even living in a high-rise apartment in a big city. It is also ideal for those sporty people who like to exercise in the company of their loyal companion, as well as for those who are delighted to spend a lot of time with their furry friend, training him for agility activities or similar. Going hiking with him is also quite an experience.


Those who yearn to have a copy of this elegant breed but at the same time want a small dog are in luck, since they are exactly the same as their "big brothers" but smaller in size.

The colors are varied and unique. In no order of preference, the recognized colors are black, red, blue merle, and red merle. The blackbird will be exposed with any number of spots, markings, and patterns. The undercoat can be slightly lighter than the undercoat. Asymmetric markings are not a defect.

The size for males should be between 35.5 cm and 45.5 cm at the withers.
The size for females must be between 33 cm and 43 cm at the withers.

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