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The Australian Shepherd is a loyal, energetic, courageous and highly intelligent dog. They learn the rules and regulations that must be followed very quickly, although they are very energetic and tireless. 

The Australian Shepherd also stands out for being an excellent watchdog thanks to its energetic behavior and intelligence.

The Australian Shepherd is a standout dog in dog sports as it has incredible training and exercise skills.

It is an agile and nervous dog that needs to burn energy to feel good and be relaxed. 

It is a brave and balanced dog, very intelligent, vigorous and attentive. Above all, it is a very hard-working dog with a great desire to please its owner. With children he is an affectionate and protective companion, very playful and fun.
This compact, muscular, medium-sized dog measures 18 to 20 inches (males) and 17 to 19 inches (females) at adulthood, and its weight can range from 35 to 60 pounds. The coat can be black (solid, bicolor, tricolor), red (solid, bicolor, tricolor), or merle: blue or red (with or without white, with or without tan). Being the most appreciated and showy black or red tricolor and blue or red merle.

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