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In our house we are dedicated to the breeding and selection of our dogs in a totally familiar way.

Our puppies are born at home and remain with their mother and siblings until they are two months old. They interact with children, other older dogs, cats... and we try to make our puppies aware of different situations and noises, with the aim that when they arrive at their new home they have a quick adaptation and few behavior problems.

We leave the subsequent education and training work in the hands of the new owner, although we will always be here for any questions or advice.

We guarantee the health of our puppies based on their state of health at the time of delivery, the health of their parents and the genetic tests that are carried out.


The puppies will be delivered with aminimum of two months of age(Until that age we believe that it is necessary for their development and socialization that they remain with their mother and siblings).

Each puppy will be delivered with its corresponding documentation.

Sanitary conditions:
- Deworming: the puppies are internally dewormed against intestinal parasites at 21 days of birth, at 36 days and prior to the vaccination.
- Vaccinations: puppies are vaccinated with a first trivalent vaccine at the seventh week of life. In the case of older, young or adult puppies, the vaccination schedule corresponding to their age will be followed.

All puppies are identified by a microchip that is registered in the name of the future owner before they go to their new home.

The puppies are delivered with a European Passport duly stamped and completed by a registered veterinarian, which includes the vaccinations and deworming carried out, as well as their identification.

Each puppy will be delivered with a veterinary certificate of good health prior to delivery.
All puppies will be registered in LOE or ASDR.

On the choice of the puppy we work by strict order of reservation, formally made.In the event that a puppy has been previously reserved and at the time of delivery it does not meet the appropriate sanitary conditions, it will not be delivered to the new owner until it is in perfect health, or it will be exchanged for another puppy of the same characteristics as long as puppies are available and they are not already reserved, or the deposit made for the puppy's reservation will be returned.

Under no circumstances will the reservation be returned when the future owner decides not to take the puppy for personal reasons. No one is forced to make a reservation, on the contrary, we always appreciate that it is a well-considered decision. The reserve is a serious commitment established between the breeder and the future owner. If you are not convinced that carrying a puppy is going to be a joy, apart from the responsibility that this entails, it is better to think about it for a while before incorporating a new member into the family.

The puppy will be with you for many years, and during this time you will have to make a lot of efforts for him. We believe that the best thing is that the first effort you make for him is to come and pick him up personally, thus avoiding him spending his first hours after being separated from his mother and brothers in a cage and in an environment that is totally hostile to him.

A puppyNOIt is a toy, it has its needs like any living being, nor is it the babysitter of any small child, although it can become a great playmate. He will share many years with you and will be part of your family, so for a good coexistence, he will need to be educated from the first day he arrives at your home.

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